How It Works

Website design - how it works



Full workflow and important steps to getting your AMAZING website done in no time flat!


  1. You decide if you need an eCommerce Website, a Business Website, or a Basic Website, or one of our oher specialist websites.
  2. You decide to purchase the website in full, or pay a little more in total so you can start off with a deposit and pay the balance when the site is done (remember you have our full satisfaction guarantee, either way)
  3. Upon purchase we will send you some forms – a workflow document, and a website design checklist.
  4. The Workflow document will let you know what to expect and also what part YOU need to play in your project.
  5. The Website Design Checklist is VITAL to the success of your project!
  6. You need to complete this as fully as you can and return it to us as quickly as you can. We will begin work on your site as soon as (same day usually) you return this vital piece of information to us.
  7. From your returned Website Design Checklist we begin to flesh out your ideas and look for the right premium theme and the basic plugins your site needs to perform.
  8. We build your site on a subdomain we own. This way there is nothing ugly or incomplete on your own live domain that could accidentally give the world the wrong impression!
  9. Your feedback and input at every step is VITAL! The sooner you respond to our requests or give feedback, the sooner your site will be complete.
  10. Basic Websites can be up and running within a week if all your info comes in quickly. The Business and eCommerce websites can take a little longer, depending on the complexity, and integrations and extra’s required.
  11. When you are completely satisfied (and balance paid if you chose to make two payments) we transfer your site to your live domain and hosting.
  12. If you have your domain and hosting with LLWebsites, we will take care of all of this process. If your domain is with another registrar then we will advise you on the steps you need to take. And if your hosting is with another provider we will need access to your cPanel to facilitate the transfer – simply make a temporary log in for us and remove it after your website is done. We will let you know how.

Some things you need to know:

  1. Progress on your site is dependent upon YOU – we cannot start until you provide the Website Design Checklist. And we cannot progress until you respond to our questions, or give the required feedback.
  2. We prefer all communication to be via email. We have a small team working on website design and emails help to keep all requests, time of requests, and what is required in order amongst the team.
  3. We have a target time frame to completely satisfy with your website of around one month. It can be shorter or longer depending on how the workflow goes and the complexity of the website.
  4. If we cannot satisfy you at all we can both agree to quit the work. In that case we will refund all monies paid – less your domain registration and/or hosting if these have been purchased by us on your behalf – these are yours to keep and you can get another designer to build your website for you.
  5. Please note that we build your website on our servers and only transfer the site to your servers when the project is complete and you are fully satisfied and all monies paid.
  6. If you choose to obtain a refund there will be no work uploaded to your hosting.
  7. Also, if you have hosting with another provider other than LLWebsites, we cannot guarantee that the website will function. Your hosting should have a minimal standard of functionality (most do, but we can’t guarantee it).

Our generic contact email is – you may contact us at that address for any pre-sales inquiries.

You will be provided the direct email address of your Website Design Manager upon start of your project.

If required you may phone +61 7 5641 4104 – a Queensland, Australia number that will be diverted to either our Queensland office or our Japan office. However, we will normally ask you to repeat your phone call via email for our records!

Lastly, once you have your website built you will have access to our back-end training. We help you manage your own website, give hints as to how to keep the content fresh and Google friendly, and keep your website looking the goods. Now, your website comes with a special Content Management System – a restricted WordPress dashboard – so you don’t inadvertently break anything. If you need access to the whole dashboard we can easily grant that, but we prefer you get us to do any major updates to your site!

If you ever need more help you can buy service at $125/hr, or in blocks of time at discounted prices. Just contact us to get started.