What happens after I order?

Within 24 hours of your payment clearing we will email you: – Introducing your website design team –  and send you documents about getting your website underway – Work Agreement, Website Design Checklist, and Statement of Website Inclusions and Work Flow. When we receive back your documents, your design team meets and we set out your website design requirements. The first thing we need to do is find a Premium WordPress theme – this is the framework that your website will use – the best and most versatile theme we use is from Elegant Themes called DIVI. It is only on rare occasions that we need to source another theme for you if your site has some unusual requirements. We build your site on a subdomain we own, so that you never have to worry about strange things happening on your domain! We then do a basic layup of you site using the theme and check we are heading in the right direction. As we go we keep you informed and get your feedback.  If, at the end of the day, we just can’t build a site you like, and if we can’t satisfy you completely, no hard feelings – we are just not on the same page! You get your money back and we take the site down! If you like the site we register your domain and purchase your hosting (if you have signed up for the free newsletter)  then we can transfer your site to your own domain!

Over the next 30 days we continue to work with you to make sure everything is perfect, including adjustments to graphics, text, images and any small layout changes that the theme will allow. We also make sure everything is working and encourage our client’s to test the heck out of their site!

Why are your websites so cheap? Are they any good?

Because we use WordPress exclusively for our websites we can keep your costs down to a minimum. WordPress makes the site design, graphic design and overall workload very simple and easy. We provide premium themes (paid for – usually around $79 – $129 each) – premium themes allow the maximum amount of personalization – this means that your website looks different to all the other websites out there! These themes are included in all of our website designs at no extra cost! We also load your website with all the “plugins” that are required for basic business level functionality. You can build up your website easily to any kind of amazing online presence using our Extra’s and Integrations options. Even though our prices are low, we never cut corners – we love making websites that “work for business” and take a great deal of pride in looking after businesses at a higher level than our low fees might suggest!

I don't have any content for my website.....

No problems! Give us some ideas and we will create everything for you! During the review process we can refine our starting content until you love your new site! If you don’t have much written, we can help create it – we just need a starting point. We will source images from royalty free and free stock websites. If you want a better quality image, we can purchase on your behalf and simply pass that cost on to you. Usually we can make all of your images look fantastic. If they are not high enough quality, we will do our best to help you take more, or we will source them for you. All graphic design is done for you. If you don’t have a logo – we will create that for you too! Once we start your website we are in constant email communication until you are satisfied!

What if I don't like my new website?

You are covered by our money back guarantee! Our work process seeks to get your approval every step of the way. Many low cost website designers cookie cut your website, and don’t ask for any of your input – Website Design Company works with you to make your site great. If, at the end of our design process we still can’t get it sorted out for you, we simply call it quits – we are obviously not on the same page! Your fees will be refunded at this point without hesitation! We like happy customers and we would rather part friends than argue!

How much is the renewal for domain names and hosting?

We prefer you use LLWebsites for you domain name registration and hosting. We give you a free year of both with your new website (just sign up for our FREE newsletter about better online business)! Domain names and hosting belong to you, they are not linked to your website (unless you have a monthly charged site) – you can do what you want with them. LLWebsites offers economical  domain names and hosting. For example, basic hosting (for one website) is (at the time of writing), just $75/year. Business hosting, with unlimited domains and megabytes of data, starts at $125 a year. Domain name registrations depend upon the TLD – the .com or .net, etc, and are from $7 – $13 per year for the most common TLD’s.

What if I have hosting and a domain name already?

That’s perfectly OK! There are some minimum technical requirements we need for the transfer of your site and not all hosting companies are up to speed. However, most good hosts with decent servers have the technical specs we need! We do need access to the cPanel and you should be able to grant us a temporary user name and password for that. Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of this means – we work with you (and your hosting company if we have to) to make sure you love your site and it works perfectly on your host. Another benefit of the way we do our work is that if you already have a webiste it can stay up and live until we are ready to upload your new one! Bare in mind that even if you have your own hosting and domain, the standard fee for the website design remains the same (the included domain registration and hosting is just a free bonus!)

Can you make a specialty website for me?

99% of website requirements can be covered with WordPress. If you can think of a function you want, there is most likely someone else who has needed that function and has developed a plugin or theme for it! We can handle high end artist websites (provided the artist provides high end graphics!), complex membership sites, internet marketing sales funnels, landing pages, popups, video sites, moving backgrounds, and some of the most amazing intensely beautiful website you can imagine, all within the framework of our standard website packages – plus some of our low-fee Extra’s and Integrations. We can design in other formats, we just choose not to! From our perspective and experience, it simply is not required! That said, if you want something outside of our basic offerings, please contact us first. We will be happy to source the work for you.

Can you make my social media pages look like my main site?

Simple answer is “yes” – see our Shop page. We can also help with your Social Media marketing through our Associated Services

Why can't I phone you?

Website Design Company is based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia (with offices in Japan). However our team is all around the world. And we have customers all around the world. Truly a global operation! We find it so much easier to keep communications straight when everything is recorded in an email. We also don’t have to spend our time thinking about what time zone a person is in – we can spend our time doing great work on your website instead! You are always welcome to contact us at info @ llwebsites (dot) com – just go to the contact form and drop us a line! When you are a customer you get your very own Design Manager who can be contacted at any time by email to personally help you with your site. We WANT your input and feedback – every website design is collaborative!