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Designed to help you make the most of your online properties!

Website Design Company is proudly a business unit of the Gold Phoenix Group.

We are part of a complete suit of web design solutions:

  • Website Design Company – beautiful WordPress websites that are of the highest standard that are economically priced.
  • LLWebsites – online do-it-yourself website builder
  • Templates Fly – our WordPress theme & plugin development and reseller platform

Additionally, the Gold Phoenix Group offers extensive services for all aspects of being online:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Traffic
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Education and Tools
  • Domain Names and Hosting

Our primary brands are listed below – these business units can help you to market you website, rank your website, and get visitors to your website! Please visit the Gold Phoenix Group website for even more Online Business Services

Website Ranking Gurus

Website Ranking Gurus is a premier online marketing and SEO company. We specialise in everything to do with online marketing:

  • Your first page rankings via quality Search Engine Optimisation – on-page, off-page, backlinking, your own Web 2.0 network and more.
  • Intensive Social Media campaigns both free and paid – we can set them up, manage them, feed them, automate some of your social media, and more.
  • All of you Email Marketing campaigns from set up to fulfilment – either via premium software on your own website or utilising industry standard autoresponders. From creating lead magnets, to helping you set up a prospect nurturing sequence. We can even find leads for you if that is what you prefer!
  • Manage your Paid Advertising campaigns – AdWords, Media Buying, Social Media, Bing and more – whatever mix of paid marketing will work the best for your business.
  • And we Package all of these services into individualised solutions for your business, charging a simple monthly fee without lock-in contracts.

Hosting and Domains

We prefer our clients to use the LLWebsites domain name registration and hosting solutions.

Firstly, LLWebsites is directly associated with Website Design Company (our URL is and LLWebsites URL is!). This means that we operate in both capacities ourselves.

By using our hosting and domain name service:

  • We guarantee that your website will work with our hosting (we cannot guarantee that our designs will integrate with some cheap hosting solutions)
  • We have full backend access to your hosting, which means that we can trouble shoot and maintain at a very high level
  • We support your hosting solution – therefore if you are having problems there is only one point of contact – us – believe me, this is so much more simple!
  • We have access to your domain name records – this means that we can update your DNS servers quickly and easily – you don’t have to try to understand what to say to your domain registrar!
  • If you sign up for the WDC newsletter we give you your domain name registration and hosting for the first year for free!

There are a lot of very good reasons to use LLWebsites hosting and domain name service – these are just the beginning!

Online Business Coach

Online Business Coach

Online Business Coach is your first step to ensuring every aspect of your online project is covered!

  • What type of website do you need? The scope and variables that should be considered before any work begins. This is much more thorough than any design brief! We look at the big picture of your business goals and aspirations, laying the foundations for growth right from the beginning. Ensuring that costly mistakes are not made, or designs created that need constant update to accommodate your expansion or growth.
  • What are your desired marketing avenues? These things should be considered before you start your business – online or otherwise. Your marketing budget is a vital part of your overall business plan. Let’s make sure you are hitting the right targets with the right audience for you brand.
  • Online reputation management is a vital part of any business’s operational procedures these days. We can help you fix a poor reputation, plus assist you to develop strategies that ensure you online reputation is never tarnished. At the end of the day it comes down to customer relations, however gossip can spread much faster online that off-line!
  • Is your business struggling? A business’s online presence is one of the key performance indicators of a successful business these days. We can help you overhaul your brand, your online visibility and you marketing practices. Don’t wait until its too late!

It is terribly sad when we do our online research for website development and see how many people have their online presence misplaced. Bad websites, poor ranking, no marketing, and even no websites or social media. these things are all indicators that your business will not last, or at the very least, will not thrive. It can be difficult to find the time to reach out for help, but you will be very glad that you did!



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