website trafic

People imagine that now they have a great website people will flock to it and sign up, or click the contact form, or buy their products.

They also think that the SEO optimisation that Website Design Company does for it’s clients will automatically rank them on the first page of Google. Or give them instant authority.

And, even more interesting, is the idea that when they are on the first page of Google, customers will click through all their offers and buy everything they see!

The Very Basic Concepts of Being Online

Imagine you open up a corner shop. You find a space that suits your budget and paint it, decorate it, and fill it with your goods. You go there every day and sit behind the counter waiting for the customers to flood in. But no-one comes!

Let’s look at the reasons why! (they cross over to being online…)

First, the place you could afford was three kilometres away from the main road, and five kilometres away from the shopping Mall where everyone goes. Three cars a day drive past and you have seen one person walk past this entire week. This is exactly like being page two of Google and beyond…

Second, no-one knows your shop exists! The market for your widgets is slow, seasonal, or just a low demand. Or, it’s a new kind of widget that people aren’t familiar with and are not looking for because they don’t know it exists. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean people want to buy it! If they don’t know about it, or you, or your shop, then of course they won’t buy it!

These two reasons can be summarised as “traffic” and “awareness”. While they do go hand in hand we will look at Traffic today and Brand Awareness in another email.

Without traffic, all your website efforts will just go to waste. Every business needs customers, without them you wouldn’t be in business! In the online world traffic is the walk in customer. The more traffic you have the more people would become aware of what you have to offer, and therefore the more customers you would generate.

Let’s use our shop that sells widgets as an example. Do you think it would do better if it was opened in the Mall where all the people are already shopping? Probably (depends, of course, on the industry). If you have hundreds of people walking past your shop each day, do you think some of them would get curious and come inside? Maybe tell their friends? Even buy from you if they had a need for your widget? Of course they would!

Now renting that shop in the Mall is much more expensive than renting the one a long way away from where the traffic is, isn’t it? Spending the money to get on the first page of Google is pretty much an exact mirror for renting the shop in the Mall. That kind of location does not come cheaply or easily!

Website Design Company optimises everything on your site for rankings, but it takes a LOT more effort than that to build you backlinks, improve your site authority and page rank, and establish domain authority! Website Ranking Gurus can help you with all of these technical issues.

How do you get traffic? Here are WDC’s top four ideas:

1. The obvious one – get onto the first page of Google for as many of the relevant search terms as you can. Google is not the only search engine that people use, but it is the main one, and your Google rankings make a big difference even on the other search engines!

As mentioned above, HOW to do that is a science and art in and of itself!

2. Paid advertising is a sure fire way to get traffic to your site. You can do this off-line as well as online and if you have the budget this is the best approach, even for a purely online business – the mix of how much you do, where, will depend on your marketing goals and budget.

Online advertising channels that you can think about (not all are appropriate for every business) include:

  • Inviting Affiliates to promote your business by offering a reward for a successful action – this could be a sign up, a sale, or similar action. You can run your own affiliate network, or use the services of a company that specialises in matching advertisers with publishers. Each method has pros and cons…
  • Buying Banner Advertising on high traffic websites – can be highly effective, even though marketers say that people are becoming “banner blind” (that’s true of billboards too, but people still pay to have their adverts on them – so they must drive some kind of traffic or the advertisers would stop).
  • Media Buying is one way to drive traffic to your website – it will depend upon what you are selling as to the appropriateness – media buying is essentially putting ads on various websites. Again, you can go out and find websites that would be a good match for you, or you can use a media buying platform that matches advertisers with publishers.
  • Search Advertising – Paid ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Which platform you choose will depend again on your goals, budget and target market.

3. Bulk Traffic Purchasing is another way to increase the amount of people that see your website. Purchasing page views is one of the best ways to have more eyes on your site, however, the eyes that you get with this type of paid traffic may not be the ones who are interested, in the right location, or who would buy! There are still benefits, if you purchase small volumes of traffic over the long term, it may improve your Google rankings.

4. Brand Building – OK I’ll mention it a little – social media is the key player here. By utilising social media VERY well (just “well” is not good enough these days – you have to go the extra mile with social media) you can build your online brand much faster than just regular SEO style activities (social media plays a large role in SEO, but its kind of a back door role rather than a front and centre role like Brand Building). Of course you have to use the right platform for your market and share the best content on a very regular basis.

To summarise, the BEST way to improve the amount of people that come to your site is to PAY for it! When you pay for traffic you should also be aware of what you do with visitors once they follow the advertisement trail.

Here are a few quick hints that I will go through in more detail in later newsletters:

  • the ad and the landing page should match
  • the ad and the landing page should have some reason for the person to click through – an offer or a discount or a free download
  • the offer should be something that is relevant to the ad and the landing page!
  • once you have someone on your site you should be capturing their email address – even if all you can do is use a contact form and manually put the emails in a spreadsheet or in your outlook – if you send a bulk email from outlook make sure you add the email addresses in the bbc section!
  • you could use an autoresponder like MailChimp to automate your email marketing flow
  • you should also have the next step in their online journey waiting for them after they do what you want them to do on your landing page

Paid traffic can work very well for you, BUT it has its pitfalls! Many people have spent a small fortune and not had any return for their efforts – do it the right way and you can expect amazing results.

Plus, there are many more ways to maximise the effect of your paid traffic. If you are confused by all of this head over to Website Ranking Gurus and Cheap Social Boosts to find more ways of getting the most out of your website. You could also utilise Online Business Coaching for personal coaching to make your business everything you ever dreamed your business could be!